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A native of Teaneck, New Jersey, Alpher is a trained actress, comedian, radio personality, wife, and mom. She holds a master’s degree in Communication and has utilized her gifts to inspire people around the world through her comedy. She’s worked with a variety of corporate companies and celebrities: Hasbro: Toys & Games, Wayans Brothers, Earthquake the Comedian, and featured on OWN’s (Oprah Winfrey Network) ‘Searching for…’, just to name a few. Faith is quick witted and has high energy. Whether she’s speaking to a live audience, or acting on stage, she has a knack for tugging people’s heartstrings across generations, cultures and belief systems. Whether sharing about her interracial wedding in Harlem, driving 3,000 miles to California or how she used to eat Ambrosia & cheeseburgers for breakfast, it’s never a dull moment with Faith. She takes her audiences on an emotional, cathartic ride. 

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Social Media Manager

Sophia and Faith met in 2021 at a Juneteenth rally and they hit it off right away. Sophia develops all the content and creates social media magic with her inspiring words, comments and quotes. She brings a wealth of experience from multiple industries including fashion and home design, and has done numerous campaigns for high end companies. Sophia is over the moon, not only because she's a newlywed, but because she's got big ideas to take Funnygirlfaith Productions to the next level. Reach out to Sophia and let her create a social strategy that leaves you speechless! 

You can follow and find her on Instagram @SophiaBaeley


Tricia Ferguson

Audio/Sound Engineer

You probably have heard Ferguson's voice on one of the top Bay Area Radio Stations, 96.5 KOIT. Tricia has been a Bay Area Radio personality for almost 20 years! She trained Faith in radio over 16 years ago! They've been dear friends ever since. Tricia is also a professional voice over artist. She enjoys going on hikes, seeking out adventures with her two boys. She navigates the delicate balance of being a wife and mom on a daily basis. Tricia is proud to have recently fostered kittens from a local rescue!

Need any voice over work? Reach out to Tricia! 



Ediambolo Lokoto

Hair Stylist

Edie is the founder of Main St. Hair in downtown Pleasanton, CA. She's a licensed and Master Stylist who believes that each person should ignite their passion for whatever look they want to create. Edie and Faith met a few years ago through a mutual friend and the rest, as they say, was history! Edie's journey from the Congo to the United States was not an easy feat. Edie persisted and believed in the message that you should wear your hair as your crown and glory. Whether you have alopecia or whether you're about to walk the red carpet.

Interested in booking an appointment with Edie - check out her site:

You can also follow and find her on all social media platforms: @PleasantonWigsExtensions

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Sandy Martinez


Martinez is the owner and operator of Emerald Gate Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2007 Emerald Gate Studios has provided digital and media production for all types of projects. Faith is proud to have watched the conception of Emerald Gate Studios. They've been colleagues and collaborators for over 14 years. Sandy's passion is to help transform the way the world sees their blank canvas. She's always inspired by her clients and their unique values. A veteran in the photography business, Sandy is fully engaging and brings joy in everything she does. She's pretty awesome! I would book her if I were you! 

You can follow and find her on all social media platforms:


OR check out her dope site!

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Chrystal Mateo

Website Developer

Faith and Chrystal met many years ago through Faith's sister, Venida Rodman Jenkins, in Jersey City, New Jersey. When it came time to hire someone who was creative, dynamic and phenomenal, Faith KNEW she found a prize in Chrystal! Chrystal's professionalism and expertise in building this site has been a labor of love. Chrystal also specializes in being the team's resident Millennium. So basically, we all have to keep up with her!

Book a free consultation with Chrystal and watch her work her magic on your website!