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Get ready to laugh and learn with Faith!


Share in the laughter and learn with actress and comedian Faith Alpher. Faith’s unique curriculum is ideal for today’s heightened awareness of social justice. Her presentation is uplifting and entertaining. She connects with audiences from all backgrounds, highlighting what unites us, rather than divides us. Faith’s message in ‘Steps of Faith’ resonates beyond the stage through her personal stories and struggles. An experience with Faith will ignite passion, purpose and power to all who listen.


Faith customizes every presentation to fit the needs of her audience. Programs can be tailored to any environment and combine history and humor.

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Jeff T., Educator (California)

I have started using Mrs. Alpher's mantra….about "choices" and being able to look back with pride about the choices we make.


Kathy E., Executive Assistant (California)

Choices will create legacy….It was excellent!  I appreciated and enjoyed your energy and positive presentation!

Maryann H. (Palm Desert, CA)

It is very important for students to not only learn the stories of women who have helped move social justice forward in our country but also for our students to reflect on what they want their legacy to be.

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